Hey everybody!

Did a little redesign of my CV and fairly happy with the way it turned out – if you’d like to check it out the hit the link here¬†to see the whole thing. Have to say that I actually really enjoyed drawing the whole thing by hand – and for a first-ish proper attempt at inking it all turned out pretty well. Not brilliant, but there’s nothing wrong with being critical if you mean to improve. Anyway, I enjoyed the exercise and I hope that it would make for a better read for potential clients/employers than a big ol’ list of stuff I’ve done. Meant to be an illustrator, dontcha know – might as well use the skills I’ve got.

All clear!

It’s now all safe to look around.

I’ve made quite a few additions to the gallery, and am generally happy with how everything looks at the moment. Don’t worry though, that won’t last and I’ll either take to adding more work when I can – or demolishing the whole site to make a newer and shiner one.

In the mean time, happy viewing.

There’s something happening here..

What it is ain’t exactly clear.

So I’ll just tell you,

I’m doing a lot of updating to the website this week – adding and amending to the gallery space to make it a little easier to manage and add to in the future. This does mean that some of the pages that the new thumbnails lead to might not be complete as I’m still messing around with sizes and resolutions for all the images.

When I’m satisfied with the alterations, I’ll write another post and let you know that its all safe to look around.



Close followers of this website will be noting the recent improvements and updates that have been implemented from the new year. The front page only has the important links on it to streamline navigation to the about page, gallery, and the blog sections. The about page has included links to social networks, and the gallery itself is due a mass update in the next couple of days.

Even so, with things looking a little less jumbled, I am still unsatisfied. Which is in equal measures both a good and bad thing. Although there is room for improvement and things that I can do to make it all look EVEN BETTER, I do not have the skills to do so. At least not yet anyway.
To those who don’t really know how, designing webpages with limited resources and knowledge (more the lack of knowledge than anything else, on my part) is a bit of a bother actually, and its been somewhat of a pest in working out how things…well, work out. A lot of the features I want for my ‘very specific vision’ of how I think the site should look seem to be unavailable with the particular theme that I ended up going for. For every four hours I spend trying to work out how to change things on my own, four hours go by wasted that I could have spent drawing or doing something a little more productive – like repeatedly stubbing my toe. Which is why, in just more than a week I will be joining a class to learn more about coding and how to do it without breaking both my websites. Which is all good in the long run, as life is all about learning isn’t it?

Other than that, one of the more important things I’ve added is the ‘Shop’ link on the menu, which will transport you to my RedBubble page. For those who don’t know RedBubble is a business that prints and delivers designs on demand in the form of t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, cushions, stickers, etc. It enables anyone to submit a design, and anyone else to buy said design – with the designer/artist/me getting a small fee as a result. Its probably not something to make a living out of, but it’s ideal for people wanting interesting and unique objects or looking for gifts for others from their favourite artists (me, if you’re still reading this, hopefully). Plus it means I don’t have to deal with printing, storing, and shipping heaps of stuff at my own expense, so bonus!

The link should be pretty obvious, but if you can’t go that far, I’ve bungled up the site, or this post has appeared elsewhere… then click here. There’s not an overwhelming amount of choice currently available, but stay tuned as I will be updating it along with everything else in the coming weeks.

Not making any promises, but with any luck you will be hearing more from me soon.

“Next Week”

So. That clearly didn’t work.
If you are somewhat bemused by the title then take a small gander at my previous blog post and its claims at I would keep this as some sort of weekly update. People who know me, will no doubt find this unsurprising.

Anyway, important news! I now possess all sorts of social networking that I will hope to implement and add to in the coming days/weeks/months/years. Intsergrem, Faerceboork, and Twerter. I think. Anyway, if you are following the development of this site closely, then you will spy small buttons that will crop up at some point to direct you to the various platforms so you can take a peek at my work from whatever form of stalking thing you prefer. Because I have been filled with horror stories of Ownership and Creative Licencing however, I’ll be limiting ‘finished’ works to this site, and then you can have detail shots or works in progresses shots at all of the other network la social.

Other than that, life has kind-of been doing its usual thing of getting in the way, but more on that later. For now, I’m still here, and I’ll be a greater presence here in the coming immediate future.




So, first post!

Not entirely sure on what to say. If you have found yourself here, then welcome. I’ve filled the gallery up with some examples of the work that I’ve done that hopefully reflect what sort of an artist I am. I’ve no doubt that will change in the future as I get more experience and work under my belt, but for now its a nice bite-sized slice of illustrative stuff.

I will be slow to say that I’m going to update this site weekly, as that would be making a promise that I’m positive I can’t keep. However, for the most part I will be trying to show some of what I’m doing without completely spoiling the surprise. Which will, as I look over the horizon mostly consist of the (currently) wordless comic that I am working on for my final major project for my course at University.

I am still currently studying at the University of Northampton, but I’ll save my life-story for another day when I have time to kill. Sufficed to say, I’m really quite busy at the moment, and I have no idea what I’m going to be doing next. Which is, in both parts, quite scary and exciting. I’m sure I’ll let you know as soon as I do, without getting too unprofessional about the whole thing. Although this website is essentially about me (you could say its got my name on it), it’s more pointedly about my illustration practice and my art work – so don’t expect me to divulge a whole load of drama or personal stuff as a form of venting, as I’m sure for one, nobody really want’s to read that, and two, it can turn sour for everyone involved realllly quickly.

Anyway, hope to be back next week.